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About Our Owner Emily Reynolds

Emily Reynolds is the owner of My Spoiled Pet which was featured on the Cover of A Pets Life Magazine January 2021. Emily is more than just an animal lover! She has been pet sitting for over 20 years and is an animal advocate in her local community as well as abroad.


Emily has fostered and rescued many dogs from South East Asia, volunteers at shelters and works along side many rescue organizations.


Her love for homeless street dogs and those rescued from the Illegal Meat Trade developed while living in Thailand for 2 years. It gave Emily the opportunity to rescue and nurse many dogs and cats back to health. She serves as a Flight Volunteer, traveling from America to Asia bringing rescue dogs to their forever home in the US.


She even brought her own wild street dog back with her; a Dingo Mix named Brownie.


Emily has vowed to do as much for animals in need as she possibly can. Animals give so much love to humans; it is the best way to repay them. 

Animals are such a gift to this world and building a business that cares for animals in such an intimate way has been Emily's way to express her love and passionate gratitude for them.

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